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IAFC - Recommended Reading

The following titles, written and edited by IAFC members, are essential reading for those intending to take the PGKE, or the ABP Boards.

Crowder, S. & Turvey, B. (2013) Ethical Justice: Applied Issues for Criminal Justice Students and Professionals, San Diego: Elsevier Science

Criminal Profiling, 4th Ed. Turvey, B. (2011) Criminal Profiling: An Introduction to Behavioral Evidence Analysis, 4th Edition, London: Elsevier Science
Crime Reconstruction, 2nd Ed. Chisum, W. J. & Turvey, B. (2011) Crime Reconstruction,2nd Ed, San Diego: Elsevier Science
Rape Investigation Handbook, 2nd Ed. Savino, J. & Turvey, B. (2011) Rape Investigation Handbook, 2nd Ed, San Diego: Elsevier Science

Turvey, B. (2013) Forensic Victimology, 2nd Ed., San Diego: Elsevier Science

Turvey, B., Petherick, W., & Ferguson, C. (2010) Forensic Criminology San Diego: Elsevier Science





















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